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Just to say Hi

I just came across this community, and I decided to join, so this is just to say hello *waves*

I first got into P and P films back in 1989, with Colonel Blimp. I pretty much wore out the tape I had, watching it over and over, falling for Anton Walbrook and admiring Roger Livesey and the splendid colour and the clever idea of three Deborah Kerr parts.

Then I saw Contraband, and The Spy in Black... Conrad Veidt is totally amazing! I spent most of the 90s searching out Veidt and Walbrook films, both P and P and others. Back then, Channel 4 was showing loads of old British films, and I wallowed in them.

I saw A Matter of Life and Death twice in the same week on TV, without realising what it was...  the beginning is so surreal, and the first time, I came in where Peter is on the beach, and it was so weird and fantastic I didn't know what to make of it.

I caught the Small Back Room, and really liked it, and read the book, too. I bought both Powell and Pressburger's bio/autobios. I've searched out what I can about Anton and Conrad, and Roger Livesey and David Farrar. And I adore The Red Shoes. I've even managed to get the original novel, which is quite interesting, and somewhat different from the film.

It's a shame Channel 4 doesn't show those old film much any more. But I recently read an article in The Times, about a kids Film Club project, where they'd shown The Red Shoes to the kids, and some of them were really enthused about it, even though they couldn't bear to watch it all the way through. So I reckon there's hope for us yet :-)

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